You are welcome.

We are delighted to see you enquiring about becoming a Catholic.
We welcome you to deepen your life with God in a community of like-minded believers.

The way in which non-Catholics enter the Catholic Faith is through the OCIA/OCIC programme.

It is a journey towards becoming Catholic and it is a gradual process.

The length of time it takes varies for each person.
This programme is run only once a year.
OCIA is the Order of Christian Initiation for Adults.
OCIC is the Order of Christian Initiation for Children.
OCIC is for those children who are in the age of seven and above.
OCIC program is designed according to the level of children’s understanding.
If both parents are not Catholics and desire your children to become Catholics,
we encourage you to join RCIA program and you too consider becoming a
Catholic. Parents are the role model for the children and your support is
If you have a desire to become Catholic, it is a sign that God is calling you!

Faith is a gift from God.
Do you wish to become Catholic?

Please complete the OCIA or OCIC enquiry form which is kept in the church
foyer and hand it over to the parish office or contact Janette Bradbrook – 022
317 5323. Alternatively, you can use Google RCIA/RCIC inquiry form. Janette
Bradbrook, the programme coordinator will make arrangements for you to
meet with one of our priests to discuss this option further.

Fill OCIA/OCICE enquiry form online

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